30th Anniversary of Making Hockey Jerseys

Minnesota Hockey Jerseys

A lot has changed since 1993: hair styles, music, cell phones…same goes for the game of hockey, the equipment’s changed, same with the style of the jerseys, even the material used to make the jerseys. But some things stay the same. One of those things is here at Gemini Athletic. 

Since our founding in 1993, we have been dedicated to crafting a premium hockey jersey, designed, cut, sewn, and manufactured completely here in the United States, more specifically in the State of Hockey. 30 years ago, Gemini Athletic Wear was established with one moment in mind: the pride that floods you as you put on that varsity jersey for the first time. When a player works their whole life to play for their high school team, college team, USHL team, whatever level, our goal at GA is to make that jersey they put on to feel as professional as possible. 

We are proud to outfit players across the country for teams of all levels. From youth programs to minor league teams and everywhere in between. We are proud of the accomplishments of the teams wearing GA in the past 30 years, and to celebrate our 30th birthday, we want to celebrate all those teams that truly make the jersey special. 

11 NCAA teams have won the national championship including 6 D1 men’s teams, 3 D1 women’s teams, 1 D3 men’s team, and 1 D3 women’s team (see below for list). In the Men’s D1 hockey, since the year 2000 a GA team has made the NCAA tournament 22 of the 23 tournaments. That includes 11 frozen four appearances, with 6 of those teams going on to hoist the trophy. For 17 straight years, a GA team has won either a NCAA or state championship. This includes 4 different state championships in 2023 alone.

Anyone from Minnesota can tell you the state tournament in March at the X is a staple of the MN hockey community where the best of the best high school teams meet for a one-of-a-kind 4 day hockey event with one team hoisting that championship trophy. GA teams are no strangers to hoisting that trophy. A GA team has won the Boy’s AA state title 5 of the past 6 seasons and 5 of the past 8 Girl’s AA state titles. In the past decade of the Boys’ AA tournament, 80 teams have qualified, 50 of them have dawned the GA on the front of their jersey. 

A jersey is not special without the player inside it. Thank you to all the GA players and programs that have made what we do here at Gemini so fruitful these past 30 years. Here’s to 30 more years of off-ice excellence and on-ice successes. 


NCAA National Champions: 2000 North Dakota men’s, 2004 and 2005 Denver men’s, 2009 Neuman men’s, 2013 Yale men’s, 2014 Clarkson women’s, 2014 Union men’s, 2015 Providence men’s, 2017 and 2018 Clarkson women’s, and 2023 Gustavus women’s.

2023 State Champions: Minnesota – Minnetonka; South Dakota – Brookings; North Dakota – Fargo South/Shanley; Colorado – Cheyenne Mountain.