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Here at Gemini Athletic Wear we try to do our part of continuing that evolution of the hockey jersey. With our innovation of the pro-elite numbering and logo system, our pro-cut jerseys are some of the lightest jerseys on ice in the history of the game.

Every jersey made here in the State of Hockey. The hockey jersey is a connection to the past and a promise to the future. They represent our communities, our teammates and coaches, and the dream every hockey player has: to lift their championship trophy.

That is why here at Gemini Athletic, the Jersey Matters.

Choose the Perfect Hockey Jersey for Your Team

History of Hockey Jerseys

Ever since the first hockey game was played in 1875, the “sweater” has been an essential element to the game. From stripes to laces there are thousands of jerseys that have been worn throughout the years.

Hockey Jersey Designs

The hockey jersey has gone through many looks in the many years and seasons since that first game. Originally just a solid-color sweater, stitched together out of wool (hence the term “sweaters”).

Numbers were first added, originally just on the sleeve in 1911, and then eventually to the back of the jerseys along with the occasional number on the front. As the game grew into the United States, so did the variety of sweaters.

Standardization of Hockey Jerseys

The 1920s marked a pivotal period in the standardization of hockey jerseys. Teams began adopting consistent color schemes and incorporating basic logos or symbols on their jerseys, enhancing team recognition.

The wool was still the primary fabric used, and often became heavy and uncomfortable when soaked with sweat. It was during this time period, the Montreal Canadiens first sported their, now, iconic design they have been wearing ever since.

Evolution of Hockey Jerseys

In the 1950s and 60s technological advancements in fabric production and jersey manufacturing allowed for a boom in the evolution of hockey jerseys. The introduction of synthetic materials such as polyester revolutionized the industry, offering lighter and more breathable jerseys as opposed to wool.

These advancements allowed for better moisture-wicking properties, enhancing players’ comfort and performance on the ice.

Hockey Jersey’s into the 20th Century

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, hockey jerseys underwent another big change in design elements. Bold stripes, intricate patterns, and vibrant color schemes became prevalent, reflecting the zeitgeist of each era.

Logos became more elaborate, evolving from simple symbols to intricate representations of team identity and culture. It was then as well, the hockey jersey did not just become a way to recognize what team was on ice, but an essential element to any fans wardrobe.

During this time the hockey jersey carved out its place in culture worn by celebrities, fans, and players alike.

Today’s Hockey Jerseys

Entering the 21st century, advancements in digital printing and sublimation techniques allowed for intricate designs, gradients, and detailed graphics to be seamlessly integrated into hockey jerseys.

Gemini Athletic Wear utilizes computer-aided design to create innovative, visually striking jerseys, and to improve players’ performance.

Vintage hockey jersey

Hockey Sweaters worn by The Portage Lakes Hockey Club in Michigan Circa 1904.

Classic Logo Designed Hockey Jersey – The Montreal Canadians

Minnesota Hockey Jerseys

Gemini Athletic Wear has been making hcokey jerseys for 30 years.

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